Get Healthy Skin With Australian Scent

It all started in 2002 when Eddie, co-owner of Australian Scent, received a diagnosis of eczema on his eyelids, under the eye and on the left foot. The doctor prescribed him Cortisone. After taking Cortisone for a year, Eddie realized that this product was poisonous to his skin because it made his condition worse. He started using products that claimed to be “100% natural,” when in fact they weren’t. “The FDA allows 2% or less of ingredients to be non-disclosed,” Eddie informed me while fielding customers at the Australian Scent table at the Brooklyn Flea.

Customers can sample the Balm of Gilead, which is on display at the Brooklyn Flea

Fed up with the extreme dry skin, and endless scratching that resulted in bleeding, Eddie’s wife and Australian Scent partner Megan, began researching natural and organic ingredients that would solve Eddie’s eczema. “We never started this line thinking let’s make skin care. We started with a family problem being eczema, and I researched what ingredients might heal the condition. Thanks to many Google searches, a plethora of information and ingredients were available, and I simply researched more about each ingredient and narrowed it down to what I believed in my heart might hopefully heal my husband’s skin.” explained Megan.

In 2004, Eddie and Megan perfected the Australian Scent Formula, and in 2006, the line was sold to the public. “The success of that product provided the energy to research the healing properties of other plants, extracts and oils, and after much encouragement from friends we began creating additional products one at a time,” Megan added.

At the Brooklyn Flea, the Australian Scent table is pretty popular. Their elaborate display really captures their message of organic and fair trade ingredients, and it attracts potential customers. Eddie encourages them to sample the Balm of Gilead, their popular face and body moisturizer made of almond oil, shea butter, safflower seed oil, beeswax and other essential fatty acids.

Eddie is a testimony to the wonders of this skin care line because his skin is clear and bright. If he didn’t tell me about his past with eczema, I would have never believed it. He credits his flawless skin to the product line. “I cannot go for a long time without using Australian Scent because my skin will dry, and I’ll scratch and bleed.”

More Australian Scent products on display

In fact, Megan has beautiful skin as well, even though she used to have issues with blemishes until she started using Australian Scent’s oil-based cleansers. “I struggled with acne my whole life until (after my husband’s urging) I started actually putting our oil-based line on my face! My scarring is gone, the pigmentation is gone and I no longer need foundation,” she said.

Giovanna, one of Australian Scent’s biggest fans, stopped by the table and greeted Eddie as she selected some products to purchase. She told me that she uses their soaps and the Balm of Gilead for 2 years─and the proof was shown in her clear skin. In addition, Giovanna mentioned that she uses the clay de Magdalene mask. “It’s like taking the earth and putting it on your face.” I’ve tried the mask and I can attest that she is right. There mask is soft and earthy, and it didn’t suffocate my skin. Rinsing it off was a breeze─I didn’t have to scrape it off like I had to do with other masks. The result was ultra smooth skin, and now I look forward to using it every week.

Australian Scent soaps can be used for the face, body, and shaving

Australian Scent is at the Brooklyn Flea market every weekend. If you can’t make it to the Brooklyn Flea, you can find more information on their website. Australian Scent is also sold at Whole Foods.

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“Nature’s Beauty Secrets” Get Back To Basics

I know a lot of people who think going to a spa is a luxury instead of a way of maintaining our well-being. They put a negative connotation on “pampering ourselves,” but I see nothing wrong with that. We deserve it because we frequently wear and tear our bodies, so it’s necessary to get a tune-up from time to time. But if you’re concerned about spending tons of money, don’t be. You don’t have to be a big spender because fashion model, TV host and author Dawn Gallagher has traveled around the world, gathered beauty recipes and compiled them into Nature’s Beauty Secrets.

This book includes yummy DIY spa treatments, and many of the ingredients could be found in our own kitchens or local health food stores. We can bring the spa experience into our homes and escape into bliss.

Keep It Simple Beauty spoke with Ms. Gallagher to find out the importance of our well-being and why she was compelled to write this book.

KISB: Why is the “back to basics” philosophy so important for beauty?
DG: The busier and more stressful our lives become, the greater our need for an oasis of calm and well-being. The spa is part of the modern-day self-care regime, right up there with the dentist, doctor and fitness instructor. But few of us have the time or money to drop everything and escape to the tropics or a spa, so I offer a top-to-toe revitalizing program you can do in the comfort of your own home. Nature’s Beauty Secrets offers natural alternatives using healthy ingredients from your own kitchen—such as avocado, banana, olive oil and yogurt—at a fraction of the price. Plus it’s more fun to make your own products. I have collected recipes from spas all over the world and translated them into simple treatments one can do at home. In today’s stressful environment, pampering yourself from head to toe will bring you peace of mind and deep relaxation.

KISB: Did your extensive travels inspire you to write this book?
DG: Yes it did! While traveling I found that what might be considered beautiful in one culture is quite the opposite in another. For example, the Maasai of Kenya believe that true beauty comes from your attitude toward life, rather than your physical appearance. And to a young Aboriginal male in Australia, a seasoned older woman is an object of desire, as she represents wisdom and experience. It was also interesting to me how many of the spas I visited used indigenous ingredients native to the land and incorporated them into their beauty treatments.

Dawn uses rosewater to combat tired, puffy eyes

KISB: You’ve created in-depth imagery of your worldly travels─I felt like I was there right with you. How beneficial is it for our Western culture to experience other cultures’ beauty regimens?
Women of other cultures tend to use more natural ingredients that have been tested over time. I also admire the philosophy of other cultures regarding beauty and health. For example, Asian ideology sees the desire to be beautiful as a natural and admirable pursuit, rather than one associated with vanity. Great beauty is believed to come from the inside as well as the outside, so Asians encourage any treatment that brings about inner peace. I believe that natural substances are best for the face and body. Most women will find these products safe and effective. Equally important, not only do they save our own skin, these natural complexion enhancers also preserve the health of our planet. It’s a simple, self-evident axiom: If something is bad for the planet, it cannot be good for your face.

KISB: Name a few ingredients you couldn’t live without for optimal beauty.
Witch hazel, aloe vera and egg whites.

KISB: Do you believe the natural movement in the beauty industry will continue to expand?
Yes! Today, there is a growing movement of environmentally conscious and well-informed consumers who are thinking about their finances, managing their money, looking for ways to relax and making choices for their future in a new way. They are making choices based on whether or not products and services are earth-friendly, ethically-produced and made, recyclable and energy-efficient. The rapidly growing “going green” movement is here to stay. These consumers look for an organic label on their food, cosmetics, and ways to lower their “carbon footprint.”

KISB: Are there other areas of natural health that you plan on writing about in the future?
I plan on writing more books about natural beauty secrets from around the world.

Nature’s Beauty Secrets is on sale now; click here to order online. It is also available in all major book stores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders Books.


GPB Shampoo and Conditioner by Aubrey Organics®

“Why use something synthetic when something natural works better?”

That’s Aubrey Organics®’ motto when it comes to their 100% natural hair, skin, and body care line. I came across this line several months ago, and I think their best products are the GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner. These are rich, creamy products that moisturize and soften hair. It doesn’t hurt that they smell good too.

This conditioner rescued my hair from its brittle and dry former life. My hair is healthier since I started using this as a deep conditioner. It contains coconut fatty acid cream base, organic aloe vera, wheat germ oil, milk protein, organic rosemary oil, and other natural ingredients. Click here to learn more about their other products, company history and philosophy.

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Winter Wonders Holiday Promo

Brooklyn’s WINK Eco Beauty Bar has a fantastic promo going on for all day today and tomorrow from 11am to 3pm only. You can get 20% off these services: manicures, pedicures, hair waxing, brow services and facials. You get 15% off for extended/14 day manicure & minx and holiday gift sets. They also promise goodies such as hot cocoa, herbal teas and more treats at the Refreshment Station.

I’ve heard about this eco-friendly beauty bar for a few months and have always been interested in checking it out. They state that “the products we use and sell do not contain harsh chemicals such as parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates or toluene. This means NO unbearable fumes and nauseous smells. NO dodging dust and particles from artificial nails. NO signing scary liability waivers. NO ‘green washing’, just healthy beauty in a fabulous eco environment.”

Their prices are reasonable as well. I’ll have to make a trip to them in the New Year!

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Suki’s Sensitive Cleansing Bar

Suki's Sensitive Cleansing Bar

I think a soap with a clean, citrus scent complements a hot shower, and that’s why I love using Sensitive Cleansing Bar by Suki. The smell of citrus really wakes me up in the morning, and the soap doesn’t dry out my skin.

Sensitive Cleansing Bar is a vegan product, and a couple of the key ingredients are organic lemongrass extract and organic fair trade shea butter. It can be used for the face and body, but I prefer to use it just on my body.

I admit, $10.95 is a bit pricey for a bar of soap, but this is worth a try, especially if you have sensitive skin!

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The Power of Plants BOTANICS

Organic Nourishing Cleanser

I became a fan of Boots–a UK  beauty brand–a few years ago when I tried one of their foot creams. So, last month, I jumped at the chance to attend their Beauty Night Out Event, where they gave an introduction to their brand and highlighted their No 7 product range. While I was at the event, I learned of the Boots The Power of Plants BOTANICS product line.

I decided to try the Organic Nourishing Cleanser (80% certified organic) and Organic Rosewater Toner (100% certified organic) because having a great facial cleanser is crucial to me. I like to have a lot of lather when I wash my face, so I was kind of disappointed that the Organic Nourishing Cleanser doesn’t lather. The directions on the

Organic Rosewater Toner

bottle instruct you to “sweep over your face and neck using cotton wool.” While this cleanser may work well for others, it doesn’t work so well for me. I have oily skin and perhaps this cleanser is too gentle for my skin type.

But then there’s the Organic Rosewater Toner–one of the best toners I’ve ever used! It certainly tones while removing grime, makeup and excess oil, and it doesn’t dry my skin. I’m officially in love with this product and it’s slight medicinal scent.

Both items are reasonably priced–at $7.99 each–and are available online at, and Target stores.

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Green Tea Goodness

Green Tea Goods Ultra Caring Lip Balm

I came across Green Tea Goods when I received them in a gift bag several months ago. I had the Green Tea Goods Ultra Caring Lip Balm and the Green Tea Goods Herbal Body Balm. I’d just ran out of lip balm, so I was excited to try this new one. The first time I tried it, I thought it was a bit greasy, yet effective. I learned to just use a little of the product to avoid having greasy lips. I was in love.

The lip balm comes in Original Green Tea, Green Tea & Mint Leaf and Green Tea & Pomegranate. I think mine came in Original Green Tea, but I’m curious to try the Green Tea & Mint Leaf. When I ran out of my lip balm, I was bummed, but then I realized I never used the Body Balm. Too lazy to find out where these are sold, I decided to use the Body Balm as a lip balm instead. In my opinion, there was no difference between the products, except that the Body Balm lasts longer.

I like some of the ingredients they use: sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, tea tree oil and natural green tea flavor. They use a bunch of others and they’re all natural. I’m so relieved that I don’t have to refresh my lips often, especially with this cold weather. These products are only available at a few shops here in NYC, and I don’t think it’s available online.

If you want to experiment with Green Tea Goods, they’re sold in ProHealth Pharmacy, Sustainable NYC, Tea and Honey Store and Whitney Chemists.

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