Be Beautiful…Be Blessed

16 May

Twanna Toliver, Founder of Body Blessings

This blog’s title was inspired by Twanna Toliver’s Keep It Simple Beauty concept for Body Blessings—the all-natural hair care, skin care and body care line. So we decided to sit down with her to talk about why she founded Body Blessings and the importance of using all natural ingredients.

Keep It Simple Beauty: Why is it so important for you to make natural beauty products?

Twanna Toliver: I realize that the beauty and cosmetic industry has had a surge of brands proclaiming to be “natural” over the past five years. I’ve researched many of the ingredients in these products and have even tried many of these brands─some I love and some not so much, and there are others I simply don’t understand what they were thinking. I do understand science has its place in our modern society but what I do know is that we are abundantly blessed with so many natural resources that have been used for centuries throughout many cultures to beautify and heal. These ancient traditions are still used today and are proven effective by the mere observation of many indigenous people.

KISB: What inspired Body Blessings? Where did you come up with the name?

TT: What happens when you put a creatively driven free spirit in a conservative, corporate office working environment…well, let’s just say I thought it was time to start using the right side of my brain! I’ve always been a self-proclaimed product junkie and thought I would start making body butters for myself to release some creative energy. It wasn’t until I made my first body butter─which eventually became Cuckoo for Coco─that I realized that I turned this hobby into something much, much more! When it came to the name, I knew I wanted to reflect a spiritual essence because my desire is to create from the Father of all creation, even when I sat in a stuffy office listening to people say I missed my calling, I always knew that the book was not finished and I would eventually would be doing something I was passionate about. A sister-friend and I sat on the phone for hours tossing out names until I yelled out “blessings” and she yelled out “body.”

KISB: What makes your products stand out from other natural beauty products?

TT: Two things: The Keep It Simple Beauty concept as well as the Be Beautiful… Be Blessed motto. As I mentioned previously there are many natural-based beauty products on shelves but many of them are chock-full of botanicals that still gives way to a very complex label that is hard to grasp. Some of these products cause allergic reactions in many people because many of us are sensitive to plants and essential oils. Every ingredient I use serve a purpose of healing and restoring weathered and neglected skin and hair─nothing is added for label dressing purpose. That is why I indicate skin-loving ingredients on my label. My  Be Beautiful… Be Blessed motto is a sense of being that describes the woman that will navigate toward Body Blessings products.

KISB: How did you come up with the scents for your soaps?

TT: The concept of my products was based on my preferences with regards to scents and what my skin and hair needed. Being someone that prefers to enter a room before my fragrance does, it was important for me to make sure that my body butters had a subtle yet fresh scent.  So when it came to the soaps I figured I’ll go all out especially since the soap does not linger on the skin like the crèmes. But little did I know that my formula (which is essential oil-based) would actually work as a fragrance in itself! Customers have told me that they use the soaps as fresheners for the bathroom and lingerie drawers.

Soultress Bronze Butter

KISB: Is there a product that you want to spotlight right now?

TT: Well, with summer quickly approaching we are in the process of getting the word out about the Soultress Bronze Butter, or triple threat which is what I like to call it.  This fabulously aromatic moisturizer is a girl’s dream come true. It allows you to go glam, smell amazing and heal dry problem areas in just a couple of pumps.

KISB: I’m excited to hear about what you’re working on now. Can you give me any details?

TT: Well, I’m currently in production of a body scrub to complete the layering scent of the Cuckoo for Coco products.  I also have something exciting for my customers in the coming months that will be launched during fashion week.

Click here to view Body Blessings products and sign up for updates.


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